Who runs Scared Soapless?

Scared Soapless is the product of the husband and wife team of Wednesday Lee Friday and Hollingsworth Webster–lifelong fans of horror and sci-fi (but not necessarily of cancel-happy SyFy).  One of us has written horror novels, reviews, and other assorted scary things.  The other of us is a scifi and gaming genius, and a wicked-awesome graphic designer whose work you’ll see on all of our labels and marketing–including the sweet logos!

Years ago, we started making flavored lip balms to give to family and friends during the holidays.  We wanted to break up the tide of sweet treats that are so plentiful in our families, they’re almost a burden.  These balms were so successful that many people asked us to sell them all year.  Like most people, we’re fussy about skin care products, and only want to make and sell things if the end result would involve wholesome products that were awesome for skin, hair, nails, etc.

After some research and planning, we did start making lip balms to sell. Later, we discovered SFIC soap bases, and learned some of the biggest secrets (We probably don’t know them all yet) of handling these delightful soaps.  It turns out, a good soap base is a lot like a jar of spaghetti sauce from a high-end grocery store.  Sure, some people will tell you that they never, EVER use jar sauce and ALWAYS make their own from scratch.  That’s great for them—but we’re not opposed to combining our own ideas for color, additives, sparkle, butters and oils, exfoliant, and horror-themed designs with an already great soap base.  Plus, our soaps don’t need to cure for six weeks like other types of handmade soaps–so if you need a rush order, we can totally do it!!

We began Scared Soapless with a mission to design and make an array of body-loving soaps that also celebrate our love of horror.  We create beautiful soap art—the kind that are suitable for gifting and display.  But in the end, Scared Soapless products are made for using!

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to combine a lifelong love of horror with the joy of creating items that cleanse, nourish, and moisturize skin beautifully.  We believe in using only the best products on skin.  After all, we’re not corpses yet…