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Are You a Fiend for Caffeine?

           Caffeine is one of the most popular drugs in the world today.  Really.  People consume it in coffee, soda, in pill form, through patches, and in a wide variety of teas, gourmet waters, and supplements.  Increasingly, caffeine is used in skin care products like this awesome GIANT ReAnimating Brain Loaf!  You’ll see caffeine in lotions, cellulite creams, under-eye treatments, and more.

Why?  Lots of reasons.  People enjoy the stimulant effect of caffeine, and find it to be a nice pick-me-up in late mornings or after lunch. 

In skin care, caffeine is known to permeate the epidermis (your outer layer of skin—take care of it—you only get one!) and do all sorts of neat things.  There are studies that show that in addition to keeping you alert and peppy, caffeine can:

–Encourage circulation

–Inhibit buildup of excess fat on skin, like cellulite

–Reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark spots under eyes

–Increase microcirculation in the skin

–Act as an antioxidant

–Protect cells against UV radiation

Our caffeine bars are now also available in petite guest soap sizes.  They’re great for face, cellulite, hands, or wherever you like.  And yes, of course they make awesome gifts.  We use a combination of liquid and powdered caffeine for maximum impact. 

For skin, use as you normally would any other soap.  Our owner uses them with a gentle scrubbing face brush three times a week.

For pep, use in bath or shower.  Lather as you normally would, then leave lather on skin for 5 minutes or more.  Rinse.  You’ll feel the pep before you know it.

However, you use them, please keep in mind that caffeinated soaps are for ADULTS ONLY.  Even if you normally let your kids have caffeine sodas, chocolate, or coffee drinks, we recommend that you KEEP these caffeinated soaps OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.  Seriously.  We warned you.