Cleanliness is Next to Cerberus–Doggy Shampoo

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Shampoo bars…for dogs?  Really?  Whether you’ve got an adorable Cujo or a menacing yappy dog–these dog-friendly soaps are just the ticket.  We load them up with stuff like aloe, olive oil, oatmeal, and castor oil for a shiny coat and zero flaky dry dog skin. Always rinse thoroughly

Cleanliness is Next to Cerberus bars have a ph of 7-7.2 and are made with zero colors or fragrances, though we can add a little lavender essential oil if you like.  Choose a set of three puppy paws or a large massage-style bar to pamper your pup. Yeah…we know dog shampoo isn’t scary, but filthy dogs certainly can be.

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3 Puppy Paws, Massage-style Bar

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Lavender, None

1 review for Cleanliness is Next to Cerberus–Doggy Shampoo

  1. aranee981

    These soaps were a little on the small side, but are fairly priced. Scared soapless made a special order for me because my dog with sensitive skin had fleas. Scared Soapless did some research and developed a lavender, oatmeal, and aloe soap. The lavender keeps pests away. Oatmeal and aloe for their soothing and healing properties. No harmful chemicals. It doesn’t work quite as good and the dangerous chemicals in most pesticides, but it is worth it for the environment.

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