Dino Excavation! 8-Bar Flat Loaf

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Everybody loves dinosaurs, so why not take a bath with their skeletons?

Okay, that sounds a little weird.  But these Dino Excavation flat loaves are awesome.  Each 12″ x 12″ square can be cut into eight 4oz bars (we’ll cut it for you if you like) and is scented with our awesome Loopy Froot fragrance blend.  Not a Loopy Froot fan? We’re not offended–choose another from our fragrance page.

Luxury Dino Excavation flat loaves are made with goat’s milk “bones” in honey soap so they look like they just arrived from Jurassic Park.  Vegan Dino Excavation flat loaves feature shea butter soap bones in a bed of olive oil and aloe soap.  Kids love these, and they make an impressive gift!

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1 review for Dino Excavation! 8-Bar Flat Loaf

  1. breana.simmons

    This is a long-lasting investment in good clean fun. We cut the pieces as we needed them and it was fun to see the new slices each time. It smells great and lathers up nicely.

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