GIANT 12-Bar Caffeinated Brain Soap


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We were pretty excited to learn that caffeine can be absorbed through the skin. It inspired us to make a GIANT zombie brain chock full of sparkle, glitter, and yes—pure caffeine. Brain Buzz soaps are NOT intended for use by children.

Your ReAnimating Brain Loaf will arrive in one glorious bundle of brain. (Or we can send it pre-sliced and individually wrapped for maximum freshness if you like–but we think it kind of ruins the effect). Available in a rousing citrus scent, or a peppy peppermint (or fragrance-free if you’re into that)—each loaf weighs about 1 pound 10 oz.  They’re made with our vegan shea butter base along with secret ingredients to facilitate absorption while giving your skin a nice hug.  Prefer a non-vegan version?  We have one!

For best results, lather and leave on skin for 2-6 whole minutes, then rinse.  Not sure how long two minutes is?  Hum the Jeopardy! song in your head.  Twice.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 8 in
Choose a Style

Luxury Goat's Milk, Vegan Shea Butter

Choose a Fragrance

Severen's Bedtime, Peppermint, Unscented

Choose a Palette

Pinks and Blues, Yellows and Greens, Greyscale, Realistic Reddish


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