Shock Island caffeinated guest soaps.

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You may be familiar with our ReAnimating Brain Loaf. It’s pretty good, and cuts into a whole bunch of bars. But if you’ve never tried caffeinated soap before, investing in a giant brain’s worth might not be for you.

Enter, Shock Island soaps. Each one contains nearly 1/2 gram of caffeine. WOW! These .5 ounce guest soaps come in packs of 3, 5, and 12, so they’ll never be lonely. We love them in Severen’s Bedtime fragrance–but choose another if you like! Based on Polynesian Moai, the curious expressions on these wee works of art will leave you refreshed as you ponder the mysteries of the hereafter…or whatever else you’ve got on your calendar.

ScaredSoapless caffeinated soaps are the real deal. As such, they are NOT FOR CHILDREN. Seriously. We warned you!

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Unscented, Severen’s Bedtime

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Three, Five, Cool Dozen

1 review for Shock Island caffeinated guest soaps.

  1. aranee981

    These guest soaps are cute and with a lovely fruit sent and the charcoal exfoliate is very mild but works great in a hand soap. I’m not sure if the caffeine is doing much but it is an awesome idea.

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