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Not quite an isotope, not really a thrice of anything, and most assuredly NOT Blinky the three-eyed fish.

Heavens no!

But…this just-under-5-ounce marvel is available in fisson’ hole orange or eerie glow that has nothing to do with nuclear power or that handsome owner, Montgomery Burns.

Why are we mentioning Simpsons-adjacent topics when this product is in no way licensed or authorized by anyone connected with the show? No reason. But if any of you know Alf Clausen in RL, we think FOX did him wrong and we want to send him a free Thriceotrope Soap.

This soap is another exclusive design from Scared Soapless and our incredible sculptor, Brain McGuire. In addition to creating a few other fantastic molds for us, Brian’s work can also be seen in the films Birds of Prey and The Black Phone.

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Fisson' Hole Orange, Non-Nuclear Glow