We Love Our Donors!

We’re thrilled that so many people were kind enough to donate to our Kickstarter, lend support to our marketing efforts, and went out of their way to help in a variety of unforeseen circumstances. Some of them wished to be anonymous‚ÄĒmaybe they’re shy, or maybe it was Barack and Michelle Obama and they don’t want everyone to know how generous they are. You never know.

Many, many thanks to:

Chuck and Kristin Ramsburg
Amy and Larry Barry and family
Victoria Wooten
Jim Beecher
Erica Sbriglia
Sherri TerMolen
Joseph Schmalke
Jason Millward
Ryan Lieske
David and Tonya Overstreet
Mark Gunder
Ryan Wilcox
Katie Cook
Geist de la Muerte Gatito
Sasha Brandt
Missy Foderaro
The Underwood Family
Valerie Kneffel
Desiree Herrick
The Kirschenheiter family
John MacLeod
Montilee Stormer
Andrew Stephenson
Krinn Hess
Amy Solomon O’Rourke
Danii Goldstein
Laurel Teed
Lisa Nichols
Erin Blankenship
Dorothy Hatch
Lindsay Everett
Jan Coad
Debra Mauzy-Melitz
Mitchell “Finster” Fedruk
Tracey Kowalski
Susannah Ferdinand
Mark Gunder
Abigail Fisher
Andrea (last name is a secret)
Valerie Kleinheksel
The Bryant Family
April Hizny
Dr. Breana Simmons and family
Cathy and Dan Martin
Jennifer M Petty
Tiffany McDonald and family
Linda Oliver