Fragrance List

Our soaps and Blam! Selections do have signature fragrances we use as the default.  But all of our soaps are available in any of our house scents. We carry a selection of stand-alone fruit fragrances and neat essential oils.  Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us to discover secret scents we haven’t listed publicly yet.

Our fragrances are phthalate free and sustainably sourced.

The Red Room:  A combination of black opium, spices, and fruits that form a sultry and relaxing scent.

Brigitte Snap:  Ginger and citrus combine to make a happy, bubbly aroma. Lycanthropes love it!

Severen’s Bedtime: The Vampires are off to bed, but you’re wide awake with an energy infused combination of grapefruit, lemon, limes, and honey fragrance.

Dream Sequence:  Vanilla and spice create a lush fragrance that might even inspire an indulgent afternoon nap.

Rosemary’s Ritual:  Dragon’s Blood and a hint of floral pay homage to the dark lady (or lord) in all of us.

Live Deliciously:  A green, herbal scent with a hint of fruits and spice.

Candy House:  Some say this aroma is closer to a certain loopy, fruity cereal than an actual candy house.  We’d love to know what you think.  Inspired by the excellent dark novel by Kate Jonez.

Last Salon on the Left:  We’ll be honest, this scent is a straight-up knock-off of everybody’s favorite-smelling 80’s shampoo featuring the essences of herbs.

Audrey 3:  What’s life without a few flowers?  This calming floral scent features notes of lavender, jasmine, lotus, and happy daisies.  We’re not rose fans, so there’s none of that.

Bamford’s Choice:  Whether your barber works on Fleet Street or someplace else, Bay Rum is a delightful (and very bracing) scent that men and women love.

Haunted Cabin: A woodsy fragrance with cybilla, amber, and a hint of patchouli along with a few secrets we simply can’t reveal.  We especially love this for our Blam! Beard oil.

Pauline’s Diary:  A fragrance the Heavenly Creature in you will love.  Honey, Plumeria, and a hint of spice.

Shark Beach: A spicy, seaworthy fragrance that may have you wishing for a bigger boat.

Jazz Flower: A delightfully smooth blend of cannabis and jasmine scent with a sprinkle of citrus.  Mmmmmm. (Does not contain THC or CBD)

 Floral Michigan: Cherry blossom and daisy blend that’s fresh, complex, and a delightfully sweet—just like Michigan cherries!

Amity Ice Cream: Coffee and vanilla create a warm, delicious fragrance that’s great at the end of the day.

Wednesday’s Weekend: Like an autumn bonfire, a pagan wind ritual, and a Dionysian festival all in one

Soda Parlour: Delightfully fruity, bubbly, and sweet. This fragrance reminds us of an old-timey date with one soda and two straws.


Fruit Fragrances:

Peach Hibiscus

Cherry Almond





Essential Oils:


Lime Distilled



Tea Tree


Sweet Orange