Poor Yorick

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Poor Yorick soaps are excavated from the Scared Soapless mines, located in a remote and secret locale. Is it the last known resting place of Fortunado, on the Montresor estate? We can’t confirm.
Poor Yorick soaps are a lathery piece of literary goodness.  Even if your name is not Horatio, you need this soap in your life. Poor Yorick soaps contain a hand-painted goat’s milk soap (activated charcoal optional) skull lovely placed in honey “amber” soap–like Jurassic Park with fewer people eaten alive.  Each one measures 2″ square, and weighs about 3 oz.  We include two soaps in each bag. We chose a yummy Candy House scent for these.  Vegan options available, and we can even do custom colors of skulls and “amber”.  Contact us for details!

Not a fan of our fragrance choices?  We’re not offended.  Take a look at our fragrance page and tell us what you’d like instead.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

2 reviews for Poor Yorick

  1. aranee981

    I enjoyed these soaps very much, but would have like to have received a variety of different colored skulls. My 3 pack came with 3 of the same color pallets. I really enjoyed the lemon grass smell to the soaps.

  2. Breana Simmons

    We love these. The kids enjoy them because they’re “cool” and I like them because they smell so good!

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