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We at ScaredSoapless have only recently discovered the joys of hemp oil soap.  We love its fluffy lather almost as much as we love how awesome it makes our skin feel.  We weren’t sure how to best present these fanciful little soaps–but we thought these cool mint leaves were just the right way.

They are mint, right?  Teeheehee.  We want to be clear in saying that these do not contain any funny stuff, wacky tobacky, grass, weed, or any other kind of freaky hippy intoxicant THC or CBD treatment.  But they do contain all the love we put in our everyday soapstuffs. We love these in our Jazz Flower scent.  But feel free to choose another from our Fragrance Page if you like.

For convenience, we put them in this unassuming plastic baggie.  We bet you know someone who would love one as a gift.  Or be a cool buddy and get extra to share! That’s why our graphics guy, Hollingsworth Webster, designed a cool Best Bud card that we’ll send to your buddy (or you, because we love you!) with every bag!

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1 review for Hemp Soap Best Bud Bag

  1. aranee981

    These soaps are just amazing and quite a conversation started. The soaps themselves are very detailed, and a wonderful shade of green. The lemon grass scent is refreshing and are perfect for the shapes and designed.

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