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Are bees actually scary? They are if you’re Candyman. Honey stays yummy for thousands of years—that’s a little creepy,right? The thought of life on earth *without* bees is definitely the stuff of nightmares. What do bees have to do with soap? Well…

When was the last time you treated yourself to a luxurious pampering treat? It’s probably time.

These milk and honey soap bars smell divine and contain real milk soap swirled with honey soap. The result is a beautiful 4-5oz bar loaded with vitamin C and ingredients believed to have anti- inflammatory properties. Customers go wild for these bars, so we’re finally offering them to the public. Choose goat’s milk, or Cleopatra’s famed donkey milk soap. Buy two bars and save!

We love these in our Pauline’s Diary scent. But you can always choose another if you like. Want a little Sparkle? We’re happy to add bioglitter at no extra charge.

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One, Two

Which milk?

Goat, Donkey