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By popular demand, TellTale Soaps are back!  And you don’t even need to murder your aged roommate to get them–which leaves that space under your floorboards free for other things.

These come from the same famed excavations that bring you our Poor Yorick soaps.  These feature a soapy human heart molded from an original sculpt by Brian MacGuire.  You’ll not find another one like it anywhere on earth.  For serious!  Hearts will be somewhere between black, purple, and red, and may contain bioglitter as well.  Need something more specific?  Tell us about it!

These hearts can be available as part of a set of Guest Body Parts upon request.  TellTale Soaps feature one of these lovely muscles embedded in vegan aloe and olive oil soap for an icy look and massive moisturizing suds.  Each one weighs 2oz.  We love these in our Last Salon on the Left fragrance.  But feel free to choose another if you like.  You know you can’t wait to hear the beating of this hideous (and yet still adorable) heart!

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Weight 3 oz


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