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Welcome to Scared Soapless

We have been totally lax about getting this blog up and running.  That’s not because we don’t love blogging.  It’s just that we love making soaps even more.

We’ve been working on perfecting our Cleanliness is Next to Cerberus doggie shampoo bars.  They’re awesome because they have no artificial colors or fragrance, and contain cool ingredients like lavender, oatmeal, and aloe.

Our BLAM! Beard Oil has been getting great reviews from our fleet of testers.  We’re gonna offer it in a few different fragrances, and also unscented.  Haunted Cabin and Bamford’s Choice are our faves, but if you’ve got suggestions–we’re listening.

BLAM! Triple Whipped Body Butters have also been getting rave reviews.  We’re told they are a foot’s best friend.  We say with winter approaching, now is the perfect time to pick yourself up a nice big fluffy jar!  Our Body Butter is 50% shea butter and contains no creepy chemical ingredients.

Speaking of awesome BLAM! things, Cherry Cordial Lip Balm is coming soon!  We’re just waiting for our graphics guy to finish the labels–which is tricky since our printer just decided that it hates the color red. Not good news for a company that loves horror as much as we do.  Cherry Cordial Lip Balms are made with beeswax (so they aren’t vegan–sorry kids), shea, and other fine ingredients.  Lips love them!  They’ll be the same price as our regular lip balms and will be listed for sale just as soon as we have labels (Email us if you want to order early).

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