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Why CBD oil is a No for us.

“Why Not?” –our fans, re: CBD Oil.

            We love hearing from users, and those who may one day become users, of our Scared Soapless and BLAM! Products.  Many of you have had awesome suggestions and requests.  Your comments fill us with smiles, and even your insults are pretty amusing.  You’re a good lot!

One of the things we’re asked most often is why we don’t make soaps with CBD or THC oil.  We agree that CBD is a hot product with many makers of soaps and other HBAs.  Now that recreational cannabis is legal in our great state of Michigan, plenty of people expected us to get in on that action.  We get it.  CBD is helping a lot of people.  And cannabis?  Well, that’s none of our business.

We have NO plans now or in the future to introduce cannabis or CBD products into our line.  We do have hemp oil soap—the properties of which are beneficial to one’s epidural layer but provide no other effects.  Why is that?  A few reasons:

–Our main focus is soap.  Soap is a wash-off product.  Therefore, soap is a highly inefficient way to use CBD and other topical oils.  This is especially true given how expensive they are.

–CBD is a medicinal product.  We are not doctors.

–THC is a recreational drug for many adults, and a medical product for others.  So again, we are not doctors.

–Many of our favorite customers are children.  A lot of our products like Brainy Kids soap duos or Guest Dinosaurs are fan faves among young people.  We stand by the idea that children should not be encouraged to use recreational drugs.  Even our caffeinated soaps are ADULTS ONLY.

Since we’re on the subject of all things cannabis, we’ll mention that our discount code BUDBAG for $5 off our Best Buds hemp oil soap will work in perpetuity.  We decided that while we aren’t going to advertise it any longer—this code will work forever for loyal fans of Scared Soapless.  Just another way we love to thank our long term supporters and loyal customers.  Thanks!