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Why Would *I* Use Dog Shampoo?!?

It seems like a reasonable question, doesn’t it?

When we think of products for dogs, we think mainly of dog food.  Dog food has different standards than human food.  That’s why no matter how awesome and expensive your loyal friend’s food is, you’re still unlikely to help yourself to a bowl of it.

Photo Courtesy of Anna Kirschenheiter

But soaps and shampoos are different.  When ScaredSoapless makes it, doggie soap/shampoo bars are the same quality soap we use for ourselves.  They’re safe for dogs because our Cleanliness is Next to Cerberus doggie shampoo bars are free of detergents, artificial colors and fragrances.  We also use additives like aloe, olive oil, and (upon request) oatmeal, lavender or tea tree oil.  Why?  Because we love dogs. And we know you do too.

Courtesy of Tonia Erlenbeck

Our soap bars are safe and delightfully awesome for humans and dogs.  We don’t recommend usage on cats.  Speak to your veterinarian about that.  Cats eat anything left on their fur, so cat shampoos play by a different set of rules.

If you or your pup have got skin that’s itchy and dry, you may find that fragrance-free aloe & olive soaps are perfect. 

Your dog is at least as awesome as you are.  Shouldn’t their soap be too? Don’t have a dog? We won’t tell if you pick up a bar or two for yourself.